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Beef Rendang Cooking padded, cuisines No. 1 in Indonesia

resep rendang

Beef RENDANG surely you know this cuisine, yap true even very often we eat. On the day of Eid is also great as it is usually in every household can certainly make them eat-do with a family gathering. Do not just eat talaga cuman donk but also pelajarin how making so any time you want to make it later so stay rendang padang collect materials talaga. Beef rendang this time use of beef and cooking was a typical desert. Well you are already impatient would like to know more continue to refer to ya.n No. 1 in Indonesia.

Is beef rendang which you make this time the material has been prepared? Do not use materials from chicken soup because it is obviously very different. So you should have to buy the ingredients used if it is not available at home. Well just deh here's how to cook rendang simple but very tasty.Material from rendang

1 stalk lemongrass, crushed first
1 sheet turmeric leaf
12 cups coconut milk
2 tamarind seeds kandis
1 1/2 kg of fresh beef
Salt to taste
2 fresh kaffir lime leaves

Seasoning blend

6 cloves of garlic
5 pieces Pecan
1 ounce of fresh red chili
2 cm Ginger
15 shallots
3 cm laos, geprek only

How to make rendang padang

Cut the beef with ukurn being. Boil the coconut milk with spices that have been refined.
Put kandis acid, lemongrass, turmeric and lime leaves. Stir constantly until thickened and coconut milk not broken.
If it starts to boil input pieces of meat. Use medium heat only and while stir until cooked.

Our tips for recipes beef rendang padang this is when you bikinnya that boiled milk was not broken stir slowly. And do not cut into the meat too thick because it will be difficult seasoning seep into the meat. Deh and easy to loss if you can not make sense according to what you want.

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