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Egg crust recipe, typical food of the indigenous Betawi Jakarta Indonesia

resep kerak telor

Egg crust recipe Batavia / Jakarta so unique characteristic. directives easy way to make these foods also yes ..... only is different from any other cuisine. Here there are ways of making your stay just follow the course step by Recipes is that the result is equal to that already you feel and look.
Egg crust history has existed in the days when the Dutch colonized the archipelago, while Batavia or Jakarta filled with palm trees. Betawi herd Menteng fad mix on sticky rice, grated coconut and other spices. Fad many neighbors love this food. they also began to try their luck with selling the test results egg crust recipe that is unique in
The local monument, sold alias hard sell even seeming to be characteristic of Betawi. Egg crust never become elite food Betawi a popular delicacy. Jakarta past have abundant coconut results, no wonder called Sunda coconut. Coconut fruit when it is plentiful, used by the people of Jakarta to make a variety of dishes such as Nasi Uduk recipes, recipes Soto Betawi, Kerak Jakarta Egg and other specialties. No wonder that so many distinctive culinary Jakarta contained coconut milk. Some ingredients Egg crust is made from glutinous rice and cook 1/2 aron combined with chicken eggs or duck eggs along with the spices. for more details please read prescription / how to make crust egg / egg jakarta below.
Seasoning ingredient egg crust recipe:

500 grams of white glutinous rice, -rendam cold water first night
10 eggs (egg) chicken, -dikocok
100 grams of dried shrimp, hot water -rendam then crushed and roasted dried
6 tablespoons fried onions

Egg Crust Recipe fine spices:
> 150 g coconut, grated and toasted> 5 red chilies> 4 cm kencur> 3 cm ginger> 1 teaspoon pepper grains> 1 teaspoon salt> 1 teaspoon sugar
Tips on How to Make egg crust recipe betawi:

- First Heat the wok. Put 2-3 tablespoons of glutinous rice, form a circle 12 cm and press the press to stick on the griddle, Cover the pan and cook until done.
- Then pour 5 tablespoons of beaten egg, 1 tablespoon spices, sprinkle with dried shrimp and fried onion, stir lightly until everything is mixed together with the eggs but not damage sticky.
- Then Cook back to dry. Lift.
- Last lightly spices, dried shrimp and fried onions. lift, finished already recipes and how to make our Egg crust bro.
Now give a bit of spices, dried shrimp and fried onions. After trying it turns out tasty food also egg crust I've ever eaten at PRJ long buildup, stay a little practice would result exactly alike, need to familiarize themselves with the recipe how to cook unusual or unique, read the recipe also its hodgepodge jakarta. Oks anyone who would try to make crust Egg Betawi way ahead.

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