Sunday, April 17, 2016

Shellfish Spicy Sweet Peel Oseng

At first the plan want to cook fried anchovies wet. fitting outlets which sell instead ga ada lg terinya empty :( ... more


    1. 1/4 kg ofmussels peeled
    2. 3 clovesonion
    3. 2 clovesgarlic
    4. 1 cmginger
    5. 2 cmgalangal
    6. 1/2 vertebraturmeric
    7. a littlesalt
    8. tasteMasako
    9. 1/2 tspsugar
    10. a littlewater
    11. a littlecooking oil seasoning
    12. 1 tspsoy sauce
    13. 5 beanchili


      1. Clean the mussels peeled it clean. set aside. 
        prepare bumbu2 required
        • Puree garlic, onions, ginger, turmeric with a little salt. then geprek lengkuasnya.
          • Saute ground spices and their td geprekan galangal. stir-fry until fragrant. Then add a conch. add a little water. seasoning mix until blended.
            • Give Masako, sugar and soy sauce to taste. correction of taste.
              • Finally enter chili. let stand until water is shrinking. if like a lot of water may sooner turn off the stove.
                • Remove and serve. delicious eaten with rice anget Ko: D 
                  Oh yes my area have to use if ngulek bwang garem. pamalik use salt if ga ga tasty cooking ntr hehe nth incorrect or indeterminate.just follow the advice of elders wrote

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