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Sweet spicy sour shrimp recipe

Sweet spicy sour shrimp recipe

 Sweet and sour shrimp is the food which is quite popular in Indonesia, even many restaurants that make this menu become their main food. Now for the Mother who are interested to make a spicy sweet and sour shrimp with a practical and easy way, can follow the following way.

Recipes make spicy sweet and sour shrimp dish is actually quite easy to Our Lady, we just stayed to prepare shrimp and spices to add the prawns delicacy. of course if we can make this spicy sweet and sour shrimp yourself, taste and deliciousness will be slightly different, because we make it ourselves. For that we will present a menu of sweet and sour shrimp recipe that does not lose much with the other big restaurant menu

 Materials - Materials to be prepared
 - Prepare 275 grams of fresh shrimp that have been peeled skin and head - Half a teaspoon flavoring chicken broth
- 1 Tablespoon soy sauce
- 1 tablespoon margarine
- Half a teaspoon of salt
- Sugar as much as 1 teaspoon
- As many as 1 tablespoon vinegar
- As much chili sauce 1 tablespoon

 Seasonings should be prepared and smoothed
- 5 spring onions
- As much as 3 cloves garlic
- Fresh tomatoes as many as 1 piece
- Red chili 4 units

 Ways of making spicy sweet and sour shrimp
1. Preheat over medium heat Teflon, then enter margarine
2. after the margarine melts and then enter the shrimp and cook until redness
3. Combine the seasoning already in earlier puree, and stir together with prawns
4. Then add the flavoring, salt, soy sauce, and sugar to taste
5. After waiting until the prawns were overcooked and redness 6. then remove and serve with family.

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