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Recipe to make a cake pinch

Recipe to make a cake pinch

Recipe how to make cake pinch - The cake that has a funny name is one of the most popular cakes in Jakarta. The main ingredients to make a cake that is flour and milk. In the article the previous recipe, I've shared the recipe to make eclairs super steady tastes. And today, I will share a recipe to make a cake that has a variety of unique and funny names, hehehe who else if I am not a cake pinch. : D

Recipe how to make cake pinch super tasty


100 grams sugar
150 grams of wheat flour
100 ml liquid milk
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 chicken eggs
Meises taste
Cheddar cheese to taste

An easy way to make a cake pinch

Prepare a bowl / container size is rather large, put all the ingredients except meises and cheddar cheese, then mix together. For better results, better terigunya sifted flour first.
After that, stir the batter until smooth and slick using a whisk. If there are bergerindil in batter, please screened.
Pour batter into a mold that has been heated and greased beforehand, cook with small fire, then close the mold.
After a half-baked, sprinkle with meises and grated cheese on top, then cook again until cooked. If it is cooked, remove the cake and serve while warm.

The pinch cake so delicious when served in warm conditions. By using this recipe, I hope you managed to make a cake pinch perfectly match your expectations.

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