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Paskal Food Market, The Culinary Simultaneously Fun To Hang

Paskal Food Market
Bandung is the nearby town as a tourist destination of Jakarta . No wonder when the weekend, the city will be crowded visitors from Jakarta. Besides the cool air, Bandung also supply all the needs of travelers, ranging from natural attractions , historical tours, shopping tours , to culinary tourism .
Once satisfied to walk around exploring Bandung , there is a culinary place worth a visit. It is the culinary center of the city that never deserted by visitors. The place was named Paskal Food Market


Paskal Food Market
Paskal Food Market
Paskal Food Market is located in Paskal Hypersquare, precisely at Jalan Pasir Kaliki No. 25-27, Bandung.Jalan Pasir Kaliki is a location not far from the city of Bandung, even entrance Paskal Food Market directly related to the area of ​​Bandung station. Therefore, many say that the location Paskal Food Market is a very strategic location.


The origin of the name Paskal Food Market gained from Pasir Kaliki name abbreviation. This place is very famous culinary places in Bandung. No less than 1001 menu is available here with a neat layout. At night, this place is a romantic place, since most lighting is yellow incandescent lamp complete with decorative torch at the outdoor.
Paskal Food Market comes to the concept of open space with more than 50 booths that provide a variety of foods. The food booths serving food chinese, japanese food, typical dishes such as Empal barrel archipelago, meatballs, and many more.
Although the concept of open space, you do not have to worry about street vendors, buskers, beggars or pickpockets because here the security is assured. A diverse Muslim, be careful in choosing the food, because here also provided a menu that is not kosher for consumption.
Paskal Food Market
Paskal Food Market
Paskal Food Market will be full by the end of the time after office hours, ie between 17:00 to night. This place is not only used as a location to hunt for food for tourists. But also as a location to hang out for the youth of Bandung.
In addition to the variety of food vendors booths, one of the charms of other Paskal Food Market is live music presented on certain days. In the middle of the fountain, there is a stage where bands perform live music. After a long day sightseeing in the city of Bandung, you can relax while listening to live music and eat a variety of dishes that are here.
Talking about the price of food in Paskal Food Market, the price is still relatively very affordable, depending on the type of food you ordered. However, there are some foods that do have a relatively high price. But certainly, all the food menu here will be charged tax at 10%.
Paskal Food Market
Paskal Food Market
Paskal Food Market also became one of the culinary locations favored by foreign tourists. Lots of foreign tourists who traveled in Bandung visit this place. They claimed to love this place, because it provides a varied menu of typical archipelago with a relatively cheap price. Only with the money one dollar they can get food or snacks as desired.
Some of the famous stand with food and snacks typical of Bandung, among others Sate Maulana Yusuf, who is famous satay stalls of Dago. There is also a ball Ubi Shop, this store sells snacks and sweet potato balls are from Jalan Jati Substation.
One of the main highlights in Paskal Food Market is the "Fountain of Hope". Fountain Of Hope is a fountain with a statue of a man who stood holding the ring. This pool became a hit especially among children, because a lot of kids tossing a coin here with hopes for good fortune.
Paskal Food Market
Paskal Food Market
In accordance with the name of the fountain. This fountain was deliberately built to imitate the fountains in Europe which is often used as a location for throwing a coin fortune. Based on rumors, the fountain does have a real magical powers.
Paskal Food market operates every day. On hatri Monday to Friday, this place is open from 11:00 to 23:30 pm. On Saturday the hours of operation of this place is from 11:00 until 00:30 pm. And on Sunday operating hours from 10.00 to 00.00 pm.

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